Check the received units on the console

The console of the Davis Vantage Pro2 allows numerous adjustment possibilities. Unfortunately it happens again and again, that by mistake, settings are changed. A common problem in this context is that the console loses the connection to one of the two transmitting units. This can be checked as follows.

  • Press the Done key and Down arrow key at the same time.
  • The bottom of the console display shows which units are being received. Here you can find the words Reiceiving From ... Station No 1 (instead of 2 can also be a different number)


  • Now press Done
    The configuration of the first transmission unit appears. This is the ISS (Temp, Hum, Rain, Wind). In the example below, this is on. So it is active and the console is receiving the data.


  • Now press the Right arrow button.
    The configuration of the next channel appears. In our example, it is channel 2. Here is the Leaf unit. However, this is set to off.


  • To activate this channel, please press the Down arrow key. The on setting appears.
  • Now the Leaf-/-Soil unit has to be assigned. To do this, press the Graph key until the Leaf-/Soil-unit appears in the display.
  • The new settings are saved by pressing Done. Then exit the setup mode by pressing the Done button again. Press and hold down the button as long as the R key for "reconnect" appears. The station now connects again with the transmitting units.

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