Connect the Davis IP Logger to the LCD monitor

The Davis IP data logger enables continuous transmission of weather data to the Internet. The weather data is stored on the Davis server and can be called up there at any time using the Weatherlink software. The fruitweb can also use this data so that we can always calculate current forecast images.

Below you will find a description of how to install the IP data logger on the LCD monitor and how to use the Weatherlink software to set up the LCD monitor for operation with the IP data logger.

  1. Press the DONE button and the ARROW DOWN button at the same time. The LCD monitor now changes to setup mode. This means that important settings are retained when changing the data logger.davis-monitor
  2. Remove the batteries from the rear battery compartment.
  3. Remove the power supply from the power supply.
  4. Now you can pull the data logger out of the LCD monitor. This is best done with pliers, since the data logger is usually very firmly inserted in the socket.

  5. Now connect the new IP data logger.
  6. Now connect the power supply to the power supply and then insert the batteries (attention: please follow this order!).
  7. Connect the end of the data logger with a network cable and plug it into a free socket on your internet router. Thanks to the IP data logger, the LCD monitor now has a significantly higher power consumption and the batteries would only last for two to three days. A power supply is therefore essential.
  8. Press the DONE button on your LCD monitor. The LCD monitor now changes back to the display mode.
  9. Tell us the ID on the data logger by email. We then register your IP data logger with the Davis server.


  10. In order to be able to download the weather data from the Davis server to your local PC, you must now install the new Weatherlink software and set it up. We show you how to do this here.

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