Maintenance of the Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station

In order for the Davis weather station to provide reliable data for the pest forecast every year, it is necessary to carry out some maintenance and cleaning work every spring. We have created a short service manual that explains step by step which work has to be carried out.

Change batteries (very important)

In most cases, the Davis Station will start working as usual after inserting new batteries.


  • 3 batteries 1.5V baby (C)
  • 2 or 3 batteries type 123A
  • 1 small screwdriver

Station (outside)
In most cases we need 2 x 123A cells, one for the transmitter unit on the rain gauge, one for the leaf moisture station. If a repeater is used, the battery should also be replaced. Simply slide the flap onto the rain gauge and pry out the battery using the small screwdriver and insert the new one. In the sheet wet unit and a possible repeater, the flap is opened and the battery is also levered out with the screwdriver and a new one is inserted.

Console (indoor)
On the back of the console there is a flap on the battery compartment, just open it, the first battery is visible. If the console is connected to a power supply (2 cables on the console), the batteries can be easily replaced. (below)

If the console only runs on battery operation, the console should be put into setup mode before changing the batteries. To do this, DONE and the down arrow must be pressed simultaneously. Only Receiving from appears on the display. Then the batteries can be easily replaced. After changing, please press DONE for 5s, then the console jumps back to work mode.

Changing is a bit inconvenient, the second battery has to be pushed to the right to remove the first one. You will make it. Remove all batteries and insert new ones.

Rain Gauge

Hand brush or dust brush

The rain gauge can be unlocked by turning it slightly to the left. Now the rocker and the spouts can be cleaned of spider webs and dust. The hole in the funnel should also be free. Then simply reassemble and lock the funnel with a right turn.

Leaf wet sensors


  • A roll of kitchen paper
  • Ceran field cleaner milk (please only milk, no sprays or similar)
  • Small (cross) screwdriver
  • Clear water

The leaf wet sensors corrode easily, we recommend cleaning in the spring and cleaning after the primary season if the sensors come into contact with spray mist.

If the sensor comes into contact with network sulfur or even sulfur lime, it must be cleaned immediately every time.

Please remove the sensor board by loosening the two small screws from the white carrier metal. The glue point at the upper end can be overcome by carefully pulling off the circuit board. Now the circuit board is wetted with ceramic hob cleaner, let the cleaner take effect for a short time, then rub vigorously with kitchen paper and then remove the cleaning milk. Repeat the process until the board shines like new. Then rinse briefly with clear water. Now screw the board back on.

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