No data transmission to the internet with Weatherlink IP

If no current date is displayed in green when the weather data is displayed under data upload in fruitweb, then this is an indication that data transfer from the console via the router to the Internet is not working. The following steps can usually solve the problem.


  1. Check the cable connection between the data logger of the console and the internet router. If the indicator light on the data logger is lit green, the cable connection is OK.
  2. Restart the station. Please keep the order of the next steps exactly:
    • Remove batteries from the console
    • Remove the power supply from the console (AC adapter)
    • Wait for about 30 seconds
    • Reconnect the AC adapter to the console
    • Insert the batteries
    • Press and hold the DONE button for about 5 seconds
  3. Have a look at the fruitweb after 3 min whether the data are now up to date. In most cases, the problem is fixed now. If the data transfer still does work, please contact us.

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