Pessl Fieldclimate Account

Fieldclimate is the Pessl Instruments website, where you can view your weather data and manage your weather station. You can reach the Fieldclimate website via the following link:

Fieldclimate account

Before you can use Fieldclimate you have to set up an account. To do this, click on the plus sign below the registration form.


Now fill out the registration form. Then you have to add a station to your account. To do this, click on the figure at the top right and then on the plus "Add / Remove station". Insert the station ID and Key1 and save the station.

You will now see a series of symbols on the far left. With these you can reach the different data views and the station settings.


Change the transmission interval

With your Fieldclimate account you can easily control the interval at which the station should send the data to the Fieldclimate server. To do this, click on the gear icon on the far left and then on "Configuration". Under "Logging and transmission settings" you can now select the interval or fixed transmission times.

A distinction is made between logging and transmission in the settings. Logging means that the recording takes place in the station during this interval. And the data logged in this way is then transmitted at the transmission times. For stations that are used for frost warnings, there should always be 15 minutes when logging (1). In the frost season, 15 minutes should also be set as a fixed transmission interval for transmission (2).

Please note the following: Data transmission is an energy-intensive process. If the exposure conditions are unfavorable, a narrow transmission interval can lead to the battery being drained. Therefore, especially in winter, adjust the transmission interval (2).


Activation of direct SMS

The Pessl weather stations ecoD3 and Imetos are able to send direct SMS. To use this service, please click on the gear symbol on the far left and then on "Warnings". Now you can add phone numbers and assign warning thresholds to the various sensors below. If the warning threshold is fallen short of or exceeded (depending on the mode selected), the station will send an SMS directly to the specified numbers.

The fruitweb frost alarm system Frostwecker offers further alarm routes and monitoring options for the frost warning.

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