Pessl iMETOS 3.3 no longer sends data

If the iMETOS 3.3 no longer sends data, this can have various causes.

  1. The most common cause in autumn and winter is a lack of battery voltage. Please check the voltage of the battery via filedclimate or the fruitweb app. If this is too low, you have to wait until the battery has been recharged by sufficient solar radiation and the station reports back automatically.
  2. If the battery voltage was sufficient at the time of the last data upload, please check whether the SIM card is still functional and has sufficient credit. To do this, remove the SIM card from the holder and clean the contacts. You can find instructions here: Remove the iMETOS 3.3 SIM card
  3. Restart the station. To do this, open the iMetos station and press the reset button J for about 20 seconds with a screwdriver or pencil.
  4. Check whether the station is sending data again.



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