How to attach a weather station

To attach a weather station, a 1 inch (42mm) iron rod has proven to be very useful. A diameter of 45mm is ideal for the ecoD3 (see table). The mounting clamps of the weather station, however, get along well with a diameter of 30-45mm. The length of the rod depends on the sensors that are connected to the weather station. If a wind sensor is connected to the station, the rod should be as long as the measuring height for the wind. We recommend a measuring height just above the tree crown (1.2m above the winter cut height). A certain length of the rod is inserted into the ground in a ground sleeve. This part will be about 70cm.

Length of the pole

Station Length of the pole Remarks
fruitweb FW
ecoD3 Frost Warning
2,5 m Can be clamped to the tension wire in the row without ground socket, with ground socket the rod can be shorter. Important for the ecoD3, the diameter of 45mm is perfect for the reception in the ward head.
imetos 2,5 m With ground sleeve. If the station is equipped with an anemometer, the rod should be longer according to the measuring height.
fruitweb SC
fruitweb SC-FW
Davis Vantage Pro 2
4 - 6 m The delivery length of poles is usually 6m. The full length can be used at the fruitweb SC / Davis Vantage Pro 2. The wind is then measured at a height of about 5.20m. The ground sleeve should then be about 1.2m long and at least 80cm should be inserted into the ground. It can be useful for various reasons not to measure the wind at a height of 6m, so the rod should be shortened accordingly.

Fixing in the ground with a ground sleeve

A ground sleeve has proved to be a good solution for fixing the iron rod in the ground. This is rammed into the ground and the iron rod with the weather station is fixed with two wing nuts.


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